19 Black Succulents for Your Moody Goth Garden

Have you ever wanted to add some dark elegance to your garden? Well, look no further! I’ve compiled a list of 19 stunning black succulents that will give your goth garden a unique and mysterious vibe. So let’s dive in and discover these beautiful dark plants.

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1. Neochilenia huascensis Rare Cactus

This rare cactus species sports a gorgeous black hue, making it a stunning addition to any goth garden. Its spiky appearance adds an edgy touch to your collection.


2. Echeveria ‘Black Swan’ Rare Korean Succulent

A beautiful rosette-shaped succulent, the ‘Black Swan’ features dark, pointed leaves that appear almost black. It’s a rare find worth showing off in your garden.


3. Echeveria ‘Black Queen’

Fit for royalty, the ‘Black Queen’ is an elegant rosette succulent with deep red-black leaves. It’s a striking centerpiece for any goth garden.


4. Echeveria ‘Black Aopu’

This Korean import boasts an incredible powdery dark hue that’ll make your garden stand out. Its rosette shape and deep color make it a must-have for succulent lovers.


5. Echeveria ‘Black Betrayal Rose’

With dark, velvety leaves, the ‘Black Betrayal Rose’ is an exquisite addition to your goth garden. Its dramatic appearance is sure to impress.


6. Echeveria ‘Black Rose’

The ‘Black Rose’ is an alluring succulent with a rosette of deep burgundy leaves. It’ll add a touch of romance to your dark-themed garden.


7. Sinocrassula yunnanensis

This intriguing succulent features small, clustered leaves that are nearly black. The Sinocrassula yunnanensis adds a fascinating texture to your goth garden.


8. Aeonium ‘Black Garnet’

Resembling a dark gemstone, the ‘Black Garnet’ has striking deep-purple leaves that’ll make your garden sparkle.


9. Sempervivum ‘Black’ Hen and Chicks

A classic succulent with a dark twist, the ‘Black’ Hen and Chicks features small rosettes with deep maroon-charcoal shades.


10. Echeveria ‘Dark Moon’

The ‘Dark Moon’ is a captivating succulent with spoon shaped leaves, a near-black hue and a mesmerizing rosette shape.


11. Echeveria ‘Black Knight’

Like a knight in shining armor, the ‘Black Knight’ is a strong and bold succulent that’ll defend your garden’s aesthetic with its deep, dark color.


12. Echeveria ‘Black Top’

With its dark leaves tightly shaped into a rosette, the ‘Black Top’ is a stunning addition to any goth garden.


13. Echeveria ‘Black Coal’

The ‘Black Coal’ is a dramatic succulent that resembles a glowing ember with its deep black leaves and glowing green center.


14. Echeveria ‘Black Eyes’

This enchanting succulent has a unique appearance with its dark leaves and contrasting white farina, making it a beautiful addition to your collection.


15. Echeveria ‘Black Pearl’

The ‘Black Pearl’ is a treasure of a succulent with its farinose, near-black leaves that catch the light in a mesmerizing way.


16. Echeveria ‘Ebony Black Juice’

This succulent’s striking dark hue and glossy texture make it a must-have for any goth garden.


17. Echeveria unguiculata ‘Black Claws’

The ‘Black Claws’ is a fierce succulent with pointed leaves that resemble sharp talons, adding a touch of danger to your garden.


18. Echeveria ‘Black Crystal’

With its glossy, dark leaves and intricate rosette shape, the ‘Black Crystal’ is a true gem for your goth garden.


19. Gymnocalycium Variegated mihanovichii ‘Black Widow’

The ‘Black Widow’ is a rare variegated cactus with dark patches on its green body, making it a spooky and intriguing addition to your collection.


BONUS: Black Succulent Pillow

No description needed. The only succulent you can really cuddle with.


These 19 black succulents are perfect for adding some dark elegance to your goth garden. Their unique colors and shapes will make your garden stand out and create a mysterious atmosphere that’s truly captivating.


  1. Do black succulents require different care than other succulents?
    No, black succulents generally have the same care requirements as other succulents. Just make sure to provide them with well-draining soil, adequate sunlight, and proper watering.
  2. Can I grow black succulents indoors?
    Yes, black succulents can be grown indoors as long as they receive enough light, preferably near a sunny window. Make sure to provide proper care and monitor for signs of stress. Their deep colors require bright light to maintain. Otherwise, they’ll revert to more of a green shade
  3. Are black succulents natural or dyed?
    The black succulents on this list are natural and not dyed. Their unique pigmentation comes from their genetic makeup and growing conditions.
  4. Why are some succulents black?
    Some succulents have evolved to have black or dark-colored pigmentation as a way to protect themselves from harsh sunlight and to help them retain moisture.