Crassula muscosa

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Crassula muscosa 'Watch Chain Crassula' Care Guide

Growing Season:

Dormant Season:

There is also a variegatedvariegated A naturally occurring or viral induced mutation, which appears as stripes or whole sections of tissue that are without chlorophyll. Variegated varieties are often prized for the attractiveness of the markings caused by the mutation. variety of Crassula muscosa ‘Watch Chain Crassula’ which is becoming increasingly more common to buy in garden centers. 

Crassula muscosa ‘Watch Chain Crassula’ is a great filler in succulent arrangements and looks great in a rock garden. ‘Watch Chain’ succulents propagatepropagate breed specimens of a plant by natural processes from the parent stock like taking stem cuttings, leaf cuttings or seeds very easily by taking cuttings during the growing season.  Be sure to use sharp, sterile scissors when propagating your Crassula muscosa. You can just stick the ends into dry succulent soil straight away. Leave them alone until they root and then you can start watering them.

Crassula muscosa is sometimes also called Crassula lycopodiodes and it blooms between spring and summer with tiny yellow-green flowers. 

It is so cute in fairy gardens because of its small, delicate features. 

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