Drill Bit for Drilling Holes in Succulent Pots

Why are there so many beautiful pots that don’t have drainage holes?! It is maddening when I find the perfect pot for a succulent I want to have in its own pot. A good rule of thumb for succulent soil and plant pots is to make sure you provide proper drainage to limit sitting water. Let’s learn how to use the proper drill bit for your ceramic succulent pots.

In order to grow healthy, long-lived succulents you should use containers that have adequate drainage holes at the bottom. Succulents also need to be watered DEEPLY to the point where water is flowing out of the drainage hole. The fix for a hole-less pot is pretty simple if you are comfortable working a drill. A round drill bit will make that pot have drainage in just a few minutes. I got mine on Amazon and they look something like this:

Some tips to make your drainage hole project easier:
– Keep a squirt bottle of water nearby to lubricate the surface of the pot.
– Hold the drill/drill bit at an angle and use a solid surface (I used the ground) to anchor the drill when you start to drill your hole.
– Once you have your hole drilled, use mesh drywall tape on the inside of the pot to keep your dirt from falling out. Or, if you have leftover window screen material, that works too!

If your succulents are getting too much water, they will often exhibit signs such as dropping leaves and root rot. The most common mistakes made when caring for succulent plants are over watering, placing the plant in too much light, and under watering. Head over to my page on watering succulents so they don’t die for signs that your current watering habits are killing your plants.

Don’t get bogged down by confusing gardening advice – these tips will help you keep your plants healthy!