Echeveria ‘Atlantis’

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Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ Care Guide

Growing Season:

Dormant Season:

echeveria atlantis or peaches and cream rare succulent

About Echeveria ‘Atlantis’

Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ is a gorgeous hybrid succulent created by famed hybridizer, Renee O’Connell. 

With its wavy edges, you can see how Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ got its name! Its leaves are a glaucous blue-green color and can handle a good amount of direct sunlight each day. As with all Echeveria species, Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ needs lots of light to keep its compact rosette shape. 

In the cooler months, when you hold back water, Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ takes on the most beautiful peachy pink tones on her edges. One nickname for this that you might find in your searches is ‘Peaches and Cream.’

Where to buy Echeveria ‘Atlantis’

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