About Me

I am certainly no expert when it comes to succulents. I just love them. A lot. I love reading about them and learning about what makes them so special. I love learning about how to tell them apart and how to give them the proper conditions to thrive. I love growing them and getting my hands dirty as I maintain my collection. I love picking off leaves as they dry up or pruning pieces that get unruly. My collection of succulents has grown exponentially since I fell in love with them a few years ago. A couple of small pots turned in to a front porch full. That front porch turned in to digging up my whole front yard and planting succulents all over the whole damn thing. I planted a huge fountain with succulents, filled the whole back patio with fat plants and then planted my whole back yard with more. There’s no more space in the yard. Succulents have been secretly orphaned on my doorstep overnight. Neighbors who are moving give me their full pots because they know I will keep them alive. Half of my right arm is covered in a succulent tattoo so they’re always with me. I get tagged in viral succulent posts by my friends and family daily… And I love it all. I hope it never stops. I have more pictures of my succulents than of my kids or dogs. Most of the pictures on this blog are mine. I’m glad they don’t live only on my phone anymore. I could talk about them all day which is probably why I started this blog in the first place. Any succulent advice I give is what I would do if it were my own. I hope my posts are interesting and helpful you to help your succulents live their best lives.