Recommended Succulent Care Items

Here’s a handy Amazon shopping guide for succulent care items that I find super helpful for all aspects of taking care of my plants. 

Shopping List

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Diamond Drill Bits

After you get these, you’ll be looking at everything like it is a planter! Remember, that in order to properly water succulents, all containers need drain holes to be able to drench the soil

Bonsai Jack Succulent Soil #111

Help prevent root rot and overwatering by using a gritty, inorganicinorganic not consisting of or deriving from living matter soil mix like this Bonsai Jack #111. You’ll hear this name come up frequently in forums where people ask for pre-mixed soil recommendations.  

Terracotta Pots

Unglazed terracotta pots are undoubtedly the best for succulents and cacti because they help the soil dry quickly. Succulents don’t like their roots to be wet for very long!

Osmocote Slow Release Fertilizer

I mix a dash of Osmocote into my pots when I’m repotting my succulents. This way, I don’t need to worry about overwatering them and the balancedbalanced referring to the nutrient content or NPK numbers. An example of balanced fertilizer has 15-15-15 on the label. nutrients (14-14-14) ensure my succulents get what they need during their growing season.

Squirt Bottle

The narrow spout of this squirt bottle ensures that you can water the soil without getting water on the leaves. You don’t want to damage the farinafarina A powdery coating on succulents that provides protection from the sun and repels water.  Also known as epicuticular wax. Succulents that are covered in farina are said to be glaucous. It can be removed or damaged by the oils from your fingers, so handle your farinose succulents with care. or get water trapped between leaves which can lead to rot. 

Sewing Scissors

I love using sewing scissors to take clippings of my smaller succulents because they are thinner and sharper. The clipping shears I use for larger succulents with woody stems get dull quickly.