Epiphytic Cacti: The Fascinating Air Plants of the Cactus Family

All about epiphytic cacti

Epiphytic cacti, also known as air plants or epiphytic succulents, are a unique group of cactus species that grow on other plants or objects rather than in soil. These fascinating plants are adapted to life in the canopy of trees and other plants and have a number of physical and reproductive characteristics that enable them … Read more

12 Cactus and Succulent Adaptations: How These Incredible Plants Have Adapted to Survive in Extreme Environments

Succulent adaptations

From arid deserts to rocky mountain slopes, succulent adaptations allow them to thrive in harsh conditions. Succulents (including cactus) are a diverse group of plants known for their ability to survive in extreme environments where most plants cannot. Keep scrolling to learn more about 12 succulent adaptations that help them survive. Succulent Adaptation: Thick, Waxy … Read more