Comprehensive Guide to ‘Variegated Corn Cob Cactus’ Euphorbia Mammillaris Variegata

Neither a cactus or a corn cob! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be exploring the fascinating world of the Variegated Corn Cob Cactus, also known as Euphorbia mammillaris variegata. This beautiful and unusual plant is sure to add a touch of intrigue to any collection. So, let’s dive right in and learn all about this … Read more

‘White Ghost Cactus’ Euphorbia lactea: A Comprehensive Succulent Care Guide + Bonus ‘Coral Cactus’ Info

Euphorbia lactea white ghost

Euphorbia lactea ‘White Ghost Cactus’ is a captivating plant known for its ethereal blend of colors – creamy white, pink, green, and yellow. A member of the Euphorbiaceae family, it stands out with its triangular stems adorned with spikes, creating a candelabra-like silhouette. This unique plant, which can reach over 6 feet in maturity, originally … Read more

Kalanchoe x houghtonii ‘Pink Butterflies’: The Ultimate Succulent Care Guide

Kalanchoe pink butterflies care guide

Kalanchoe x houghtonii ‘Pink Butterflies’, also known as the Pink Mother of Thousands, is a charming succulent renowned for its unique appearance and relatively easy care requirements. This comprehensive guide will delve into every aspect of caring for this fascinating plant, from the best kind of soil to use, to the most effective methods of … Read more