Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’: A Unique Succulent Vine Popular With Collectors

Xerosicyos danguyi, commonly known as ‘Silver Dollar Vine’, is a fascinating succulent vine that is native to Madagascar. It is named after the unique silver dollar-shaped leaves that adorn its long, thin stems.

What Does Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ Look Like?

Xerosicyos danguyi, also known as the Silver Dollar Vine, is a summer-growing climbing or scrambling shrub that can reach up to 10 feet in height. It belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae and is native to Madagascar. Xerosicyos danguyi produces small, silver-dollar-shaped, succulent leaves with a unique, velvety texture that are about 2-4 inches in diameter. Tiny yellow-green flowers appear in clusters in spring and summer.

Silver dollar vine

What Kind of Soil Does Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ Need?

Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ requires well-draining soil with a high content of perlite, pumice or sand. It can be grown in a variety of soil types, such as sandy or rocky soil, and can also grow in a container with a well-draining cactus or succulent mix.

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Xerosicyos danguyi silver dollar vine care silver dollar vine
Since mine is growing in the ground, it has gotten so much bigger.

How Do You Water Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’?

During the summer growing season, water Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ regularly and deeply, allowing the soil to dry out somewhat between waterings. In winter, the plant can be kept fairly dry. It is important to avoid overwatering, as this can lead to root rot.

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How Much Light Does Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ Need?

Xerosicyos danguyi silver dollar vine silver dollar vine
This is how my ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ looked when I first planted it.

Xerosicyos danguyi thrives in direct sun, but may also grow well in part shade during the summer, especially if grown in a pot. It requires a good amount of sunlight to grow and is not recommended for indoor growth as it needs lots of sun to thrive.

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How Do You Propagate Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’?

Xerosicyos danguyi can be propagated through stem cuttings. To propagate through stem cuttings, take a cutting with several leaves and let it callus for a few days. Plant the cutting in a well-draining cactus or succulent mix and water sparingly until roots develop. I’ve had the most success propagating the very tender tips of the vine. You’ll notice that the older stem becomes harder to cut and it seems to take much much longer to root.

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Silver dollar vine xerosicyos danguyi silver dollar vine
They seem to be able to grow anywhere. Hardy plants for sure.

What Hardiness Zone Does Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ Grow in?

Xerosicyos danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’ can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and can handle cold without problems, including light frost. It is best suited for USDA hardiness zones 9b and above. Mine is in full sun for a majority of the day.

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Flowers xerosicyos danguyi silver dollar plant silver dollar vine
Look at these adorable tiny flowers!

In conclusion, Xerosicyos danguyi, also known as the Silver Dollar Vine, is a unique and attractive succulent that can add an interesting touch to any garden or indoor space. Its delicate tendrils and caudex make it a visually striking plant, and its ability to climb and scramble adds a dynamic element to its growth. With its relatively easy maintenance requirements, including regular watering and full sun exposure, it can be a great choice for succulent enthusiasts of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a drought-tolerant and hardy plant that can add some interest to your garden or home, consider adding Xerosicyos danguyi to your collection.

Xerosicyos danguyi silver dollar plant flowers silver dollar vine
Obsessed with them