9 Rare Variegated Succulents to Buy NOW to Grow Your Interesting Collection

Are you a succulent enthusiast looking to expand your collection with some rare and unique plants? Look no further! I’ve found 9 STUNNING variegated succulents you can buy right now to take your collection to the next level. These plants boast beautiful colors, interesting patterns, and are sure to be the envy of all your plant-loving friends. So, let’s dive in and explore these amazing succulents!

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1. Echeveria ‘Rainbow’

Who doesn’t love a splash of color? Echeveria ‘Rainbow’ is a beautiful rosette-shaped succulent with striking variegated leaves. The leaves are a mix of green, pink, and cream, creating a truly eye-catching plant. This succulent will add a pop of color to any collection and is sure to brighten up your space.

Where to buy echeveria rainbow variegated

2. Echeveria Mebina Variegata

Another fantastic addition to your variegated collection is the Echeveria Mebina Variegata. This beauty features cream and light green leaves with pink-colored pointed tips that give it a delicate appearance. It’s a relatively small plant, making it perfect for tight spaces or as part of a mixed succulent arrangement.

Where to buy echeveria mebina variegata variegated

3. Pachyphytum ‘Apricot Beauty’

Pachyphytum ‘Apricot Beauty’ is a plump, round-leaved succulent that boasts a unique variegated pattern. The leaves have a pastel apricot hue with light green marbling, giving it a soft and elegant look. This lovely plant will certainly add a touch of charm to your collection.

Where to buy pachyphytum apricot beauty variegated

4. Echeveria ‘Rolly’ Variegata

Echeveria ‘Rolly’ Variegata is a stunning succulent with elongated, spoon-shaped leaves. The leaves are a mix of green and cream, with pink tips that become more pronounced in bright sunlight. This plant is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and color to your home or office.

Where to buy echeveria rolly variegata variegated

5. Crassula ‘Tom Thumb’ Variegated

Looking for something a little different? Crassula ‘Tom Thumb’ Variegated is a small, compact plant with triangular leaves that feature a beautiful green and white variegation. This tiny gem is perfect for small spaces and adding a little variety to your succulent collection.

Where to buy crassula tom thumb variegated variegated

6. Echeveria ‘Minibelle’ Variegata

Echeveria ‘Minibelle’ Variegata is a small rosette-forming plant with lovely green and yelow variegated leaves with red edges. The leaves have a slightly pointed appearance, adding texture and interest to your collection. This charming little plant is perfect for any variegated succulent lover.

Where to buy echeveria minibelle variegated variegated

7. Delosperma Echinatum ‘Pickle Plant’ Variegata

The Delosperma Echinatum ‘Pickle Plant’ Variegata is a unique succulent with cylindrical, pickle-shaped leaves. The leaves are green with cream-colored stripes and little prickles, making this plant a standout in any collection. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to add some fun and whimsy to their succulent collection.

Where to buy delosperma echinatum pickle plant variegata variegated

8. Echeveria Peach Wine Variegated

Echeveria Peach Wine Variegated is a stunning rosette-forming plant with green leaves that have a creamy-pink blush. The variegation gives this plant a gorgeous and delicate appearance, making it a beautiful addition to any succulent arrangement.

Where to buy echeveria peach wine variegated variegated

9. Ceropegia woodii f. variegata / String of Heart Variegata

Finally, the Ceropegia woodii f. variegata, also known as the String of Hearts Variegata, is a trailing succulent with heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are green with cream-colored variegation, creating a beautiful contrast that’s perfect for hanging planters or cascading over the edges of pots.

Where to buy variegated string of hearts variegated

In conclusion, these 9 variegated succulents are perfect for anyone looking to grow their rare succulent collection. Each plant offers unique colors, patterns, and textures that will surely make your collection stand out. So why wait? Start adding these beauties to your collection today!


  1. What is variegation in succulents?
    Variegation is a genetic mutation that causes different colors and patterns to appear on a plant’s leaves.
  2. Do variegated succulents require different care than non-variegated ones?
    These succulents may require slightly different care, such as more indirect sunlight to prevent leaf scorching and a bit less water to prevent rot.
  3. Can I propagate variegated succulents?
    Yes, you can propagate variegated succulents through leaf or stem cuttings, but keep in mind that the offspring may not always inherit the variegation.
  4. Are variegated succulents more difficult to find or more expensive?
    These succulents can be more difficult to find and may be more expensive due to their unique appearance and higher demand among collectors.
  5. Why are some variegated succulents considered rare?
    Some are considered rare because the genetic mutation that causes variegation is not common, making these plants harder to find and more sought-after by collectors.