Differences Between a Cactus Dying from Heat and a Thirsty Cactus: Easy Ways to Tell

Is my cactus dying from heat or is it just dehydrated

Caring for cacti can sometimes be challenging, since it’s essential to decipher whether your cactus needs water or if it’s dying from heat stress. Watering your cacti at the wrong time can be deadly. This article will help you distinguish between the signs of a thirsty cactus and a cactus in distress due to excessive … Read more

Root Mealybugs on Succulents: An Easy Troubleshooting Guide

Root mealybugs feature

One threat often lurks unseen below the soil – root mealybugs. These subterranean suckers can wreak havoc on our prickly plant pals. Succulent enthusiasts are usually well-versed in spotting and treating common pests like foliage mealybugs and aphids. Let’s take a closer look at root mealybugs and how to protect succulents from their hungry hideouts … Read more

Understanding Mushrooms in Succulent and Cactus Pots

Mushrooms in your succulents

Mushrooms can sometimes make an unexpected appearance in your succulent and cactus pots, but this occurrence is not to be taken lightly. The presence of mushrooms in your pots is a clear indication that the soil conditions are overly moist, which can have detrimental effects on the health of your plants. In this article, we … Read more

Is Extremely Compacted Soil Choking Your Succulents Roots?

How can you fix compacted soil

Compacted soil is a common problem for succulent enthusiasts, as it can prevent root growth and lead to unhealthy plants. If you notice that your succulent is not thriving or growing as it should, compacted soil may be the culprit. In this article, we will discuss the causes of compacted soil, how it affects succulents, … Read more

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth on Succulents: A Comprehensive Guide

What is diatomaceous earth

Succulents are beautiful and low-maintenance plants that can add a touch of green to any home or garden. However, like all plants, succulents can fall prey to pests such as aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs. Fortunately, there is a natural solution that can help you get rid of these pests and prevent them from returning: … Read more

What is Growing Out of My Succulent? A Simple Guide With Tons of Pictures

Feature what is growing out of my succulent 1

So, you noticed some weird stuff growing out of your succulent lately and you’re wondering, what the heck is growing out of my succulent?! Succulents have some pretty strange quirks and the growths they produce can be bizarre and confusing. No need to panic though, in most cases these anomalous growths are harmless. Let’s see … Read more

Why is My Cactus Leaning to the Side? 6 Common Causes and Simple Solutions

Feature leaning cactus

Leaning cacti can be a sign of underlying issues that need to be addressed promptly to ensure the health of your plant. Cacti are popular succulents that bring a touch of wildlife and desert-inspired feeling to any living space. Despite being low maintenance, they can still face problems such as root rot, overwatering, and pest infestation. … Read more

Efflorescence on Terracotta Pots: What It Is and 5 Simple Ways to Prevent It

Efflorescence on terracotta pots guide

Efflorescence on terracotta pots, or the process by which water-soluble salts present in clay pots or other porous materials are brought to the surface and crystallize, can be a frustrating problem for succulent enthusiasts. These salts can appear as a white, powdery substance on the surface of the pot. In this article, we’ll explain what … Read more

Black Sooty Mold: 9 Effective Ways to Treat it on Succulents

Black sooty mold on succulents

If you have noticed a black, sooty substance on your succulent plants, it is likely that they have been affected by a fungus called sooty mold. This fungus typically appears as a black, powdery or sticky substance on the leaves and stems of succulent plants, hindering their growth and affecting their overall appearance. Fortunately, there … Read more

9 Reasons to Avoid Misting Succulents: The Surprising Consequences of Misting

Misting succulents

It may seem natural to mist these plants to provide them with additional moisture, the truth is that misting succulents is not always necessary – and in fact, it can cause more harm than good. Succulents Do Not Require Frequent Misting Succulents are adapted to survive in dry environments, and are able to absorb moisture … Read more