Echeveria prolifica

Echeveria prolifica
Echeveria prolifica succulent care guide echeveria prolifica

Echeveria prolifica has such a fitting name because it reproduces prolifically by spreading babies on long stolons from its stem. Be sure to plant Echeveria prolifica in a  wider pot so that it has plenty of space to spread out. You could even plant it in the ground in zones 10+ and it will quickly form a dense ground cover. 

It also propagates easily from dropped leaves. The leaves do pop off at the slightest touch so be careful when handling it. 

Flowering happens early in the spring when yellow flowers appear in clusters on the ends of long stems. The stems are also covered in leaves which you can propagate as well!

In cooler weather and periods of drought, Echeveria prolifica takes on a beautiful blush pink coloring on its tips. This is definitely one of my favorite succulents to collect and propagate. 

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