Aloe cameronii ‘Starfish Aloe’

Aloe cameronii feature

Aloe cameronii, commonly known as the ‘Starfish Aloe’, is a beautiful and distinctive succulent plant native to Africa. Its striking appearance and unique features make it a popular choice for gardeners and plant enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the fascinating world of Aloe cameronii, exploring its origin, physical characteristics, growing conditions, … Read more

Crassula ovata ‘Gollum Jade Plant’

Gollum jade feature

Welcome to the comprehensive care guide for Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’, a unique and captivating succulent that is sure to steal the hearts of succulent enthusiasts. In this guide, we will dive deep into everything you need to know about this remarkable plant. Get ready to take your succulent knowledge to the next level! Common Names … Read more

Echeveria multicaulis ‘Copper Rose’

Echeveria multicaulis feature

Echeveria multicaulis ‘Copper Rose’ is a stunning succulent known for its captivating copper-colored rosettes and ease of care. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Echeveria multicaulis ‘Copper Rose,’ including its alternate names, appearance, care requirements, propagation methods, common problems, and more. If you’re already a succulent enthusiast, get … Read more

Echeveria ‘Cris’

Echeveria cris feature

Echeveria ‘Cris’ is a small to medium-sized succulent that forms tight rosettes of fleshy leaves. The leaves are spoon-shaped and have a unique coloration, ranging from pale green to bluish-gray. ‘Cris’ is particularly known for its distinctive red margins, which add a pop of color to the rosettes. When grown in optimal conditions, this succulent … Read more

Notocactus schlosseri

Notocactus schlosseri feature

Notocactus schlosseri, a charming and hardy succulent, is a captivating addition to any plant collection. This comprehensive guide offers insights into the natural habitat, unique adaptations, growth characteristics, and care requirements of this stunning cactus. What is Notocactus Schlosseri? Notocactus schlosseri hails from the rocky grasslands of Uruguay. This high-altitude environment, with its dry winters … Read more

Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s Sunset’ (Golden Jade)

Crassula ovata hummels sunset feature

Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s Sunset,’ commonly known as Golden Jade, is a stunning succulent that is a favorite among succulent enthusiasts. With its vibrant foliage and easy care requirements, this plant is a perfect addition to any succulent collection. In this comprehensive care guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s … Read more

Sansevieria cylindrica ‘Starfish’/’Boncel’

Sansevieria starfish boncel feature

In this comprehensive care guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Sansevieria cylindrica ‘Starfish’/’Boncel’, including its key features, care requirements, and how to propagate it. So let’s dive in and get to know this fascinating succulent! What is Sansevieria cylindrica ‘Starfish’/’Boncel’? Are they rare? While not exceptionally rare, the Sansevieria cylindrica ”Starfish’/’Boncel’ is … Read more

Echeveria setosa ‘Mexican Firecracker’

Echeveria setosa feature

Echeveria setosa ‘Mexican Firecracker,’ a popular succulent among enthusiasts, is known for its unique appearance and ease of care. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know to keep your Echeveria setosa ‘Mexican Firecracker’ thriving in your succulent collection. Common Names Echeveria setosa ‘Mexican Firecracker’ is primarily known by its scientific … Read more

Echeveria shaviana ‘Pink Frills’

Echeveria pink frills

Echeveria shaviana, commonly known as ‘Pink Frills’, is a beautiful succulent that is cherished by succulent enthusiasts for its unique appearance and relatively low maintenance requirements. In this comprehensive care guide, we will explore all aspects of caring for this stunning plant, from its physical characteristics to its preferred growing conditions, propagation methods, common problems, … Read more

Adromischus filicaulis ssp. marlothii

Adromischus filicaulis ssp marlothii feature

If you’re a succulent enthusiast or someone looking for a low-maintenance plant to brighten up your space, then Adromischus filicaulis ssp. marlothii might just be the perfect addition to your collection. Easy to care for and visually striking, this succulent offers many rewards for both beginners and experts alike. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore … Read more