Kalanchoe delagoensis ‘Mother of Thousands’

Kalanchoe delagoensis 'Mother of Thousands' Care Guide

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About Kalanchoe delagoensis 'Mother of Thousands'

Kalanchoe delagoensis AKA ‘Mother of Thousands’ gets its name from the seemingly thousands of plants that form on the tips of the leaves. That’s called viviparous propagation. 

Another nickname for Kalanchoe delagoensis is ‘Chandelier Plant’ because it grows straight up when given enough light.

in my garden, I have a couple that are well over 2 feet tall. In some parts of the world, they’re considered an invasive weed, but I have mine planted in the ground and only one other plant has formed from plantlets.

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kalanchoe delagoensis mother of thousands succulent plant care guide and identification card


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