Snails and Slugs: 5 Ways to Keep Them Away from Succulents

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Succulents can be susceptible to damage from pests such as snails and slugs. For some reason, snails and slugs attack my kalanchoe fedtschenkoi more than any other succulent. In this post, we’ll explore 5 effective ways to keep these pests away from your succulents.

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Method #1: Use Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can be an effective way to deter snails and slugs from your succulents. Options include copper tape, mesh screens, and diatomaceous earth. These barriers can be placed around the base of your plants or around the edges of your garden bed to create a physical barrier that snails and slugs cannot crawl over.

Method #2: Use Chemical Repellents

Chemical repellents such as slug bait or snail bait can be effective at deterring snails and slugs. These products contain chemicals that are toxic to them, but are generally safe for use around plants. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product label for proper application.

Method #3: Use Predatory Animals

Certain animals, such as birds, toads, and lizards, will naturally prey on snails and slugs. Encouraging these animals to visit your garden can help to keep their populations in check. This can be achieved by providing food, water, and shelter for these animals.

Method #4: Remove Hiding Places

Snails and slugs often hide under debris or in moist, shaded areas during the day. You can discourage them from being attracted to your succulents by removing these hiding places. Keep your garden clean and well-maintained, and consider using slug and snail traps to catch any pests you find.

Method #5: Use Coffee Grounds

As mentioned earlier, coffee grounds can help to repel these slimy pests due to their caffeine content and rough, abrasive texture. Be sure to use only fresh, untreated coffee grounds, as treated grounds can contain chemicals that can be harmful to plants.

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By using physical barriers, chemical repellents, predatory animals, and other effective control measures, you can help to protect your succulents from snails and slugs. Be sure to use these methods safely and according to the instructions provided, and check your plants regularly for any signs of pest damage. With a little effort, you can keep your succulents healthy and pest-free.

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