Bird’s Nest Fungus

picture showing what bird's nest fungus looks like up close


Fungus is not always a bad thing. In fact, some types are used as food in some parts of the world. The plant grows a fungus that resembles birds nests. It does this for two reasons: firstly because it helps attract insects to help it spread its seeds and secondly because this way it can hide its own flowers from predators like birds and lizards who might eat them

The plant grows a fungus that resembles birds nests.

The plant and fungus are members of a symbiotic relationship. The fungi provide nutrients to the plant, while it provides shade and protection from predators.

The fungi are also mutualistic: they help spread the spores of other plants on which they live to new locations, thus increasing their own chances of survival.

A parasitic relationship exists between some fungi and their host plants; for example, when one overgrows another one nearby (or vice versa), it can kill off both plants by blocking out more sunlight than necessary for each individual’s survival as well as preventing photosynthesisphotosynthesis The production by a plant of compounds required for its growth, promoted by light acting on the plant's chlorophyll. Also needed in the process are water and carbon dioxide. from occurring nearby. This could lead to an overgrowth problem if left unchecked! Even though this might not seem like much at first glance…

The bird’s nest fungus helps for two reasons.

The roots of the plant are growing and sending out new roots. It also acts as a nutrient source for these new roots, which helps them grow better.

Fungus is not always a bad thing.

Fungus can be a good thing.

Fungi are the natural soil organisms that help plants (not just succulents!) grow and protect them from disease, pests, and other harmful conditions. They also play a role in recycling nutrients back into the soil so they can be used by future generations of plants. This symbiotic relationship between fungi and their hosts—the plants—has existed for millions of years!


Fungus is a common occurrence in nature, and can be beneficial to the ecosystem. This fungus looks like birds nests and mimics them to attract insects that are preyed upon by birds. The insects are attracted by the smell of bird droppings, which contain nitrogen and other nutrients needed for their survival as they feed on seeds or plants growing near the ground. This kind of fungus is a sign that your soil is healthy!