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Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’, also known as Propeller Plant and Lavender Steps’, is a unique and interesting succulent from the genus Senecio.

Native to Madagascar, ‘Lavender Steps’ is known for its distinctive, flat, blue-green leaves with purple margins that are arranged in a vertical pattern, giving ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ its unique appearance. 

Senecio crassissimus lavender steps

Characteristics of Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’

Leaf Color and Texture

The leaves of Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ are blue-green in color with purple margins, and have a waxy coating that helps to reduce water loss.

Growth Form

The leaves are arranged in a vertical pattern, almost resembling propellers on a prop plane, giving Senecio crassissimus ‘Lavender Steps’ its unique appearance and another one of its common names, ‘Propeller Plant’.

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ grows in a tall and narrow form.

Senecio crassissimus lavender steps care senecio crassissimus

‘Lavender Steps’ Super Cool Adaptation

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ is another unique succulent in that its special adaptation is that its leaves change the direction of its surfaces so that no flat areas are pointing towards the sun.

This adaptation helps ‘Lavender Steps’ prevent moisture loss in hot environments. 

How to propagate senecio crassissimus lavender steps senecio crassissimus

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ Care and Maintenance

Light Needs

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ will be at their best when located in bright but indirect sunlight in a sandy soil.

Ideal Soil and Pot

Senecio crassissimus needs mostly inorganic, gritty soil that drains quickly.

It should be planted in a shallow container and be allowed to dry out completely between waterings to prevent root rot.

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ is drought-tolerant once established, however, good drainage is crucial.

Don’t Overwater

Overwatering or allowing the plant to sit in wet conditions will cause it to become mushy and lose its rigidity.

Ideal Hardiness Zones

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ is a perennial in zones 9a through 11b, but not cold hardy in cooler zones, so it must be grown in a container and brought indoors for the winter.

Not Frost Tolerant

Exposure to excessive cold temperatures and frost will lead to damage or death of the plant.  In their perennial zones, the growing season is in the winter, while they will remain dormant in the summer months.

How to Propagate Senecio crassissimus ‘Lavender Steps’

You can easily propagate Senecio crassissimus by taking stem cuttings. Use a sterilized knife or gardening shears to cut the stem. Dip the cut end in rooting hormone powder if you wish and let it callous before planting it in your succulent soil mix.

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Pests and Diseases Common to Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’

Common issues with Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ include overwatering, which can lead to root rot and mushiness of the leaves.

Display and Uses

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ is often grown as a houseplant or an outdoor ornamental in frost-free climates. It can also be used in rock gardens, mixed succulent gardens, and as a ground cover.

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ Conclusion

Senecio crassissimus ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ is a unique and interesting succulent that is easy to care for. With its distinctive, flat, blue-green leaves with purple margins, it makes a great addition to any collection.

‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ is a great option for novice gardeners and hobbyist collectors. With proper care and maintenance, it can be enjoyed for many years. Remember to provide ‘Vertical Leaf Senecio’ bright, indirect light, well-draining soil, and infrequent watering. Happy gardening!

Senecio crassissimus dark photo senecio crassissimus
Very moody shot of Senecio crassissimus 'Lavender Steps' Photo by laura adai on Unsplash

Common Name: 'Lavender Steps' or 'Vertical Leaf Senecio'

More Information

Fertilizing it isn’t really necessary as their natural habitat is nutrient poor, rocky soils in tropical Madagascar. 

Senecio is a genus of plants that includes both succulent and non-succulent species. Some examples of succulent senecio species include Senecio rowleyanus, commonly known as string of pearls, and Senecio mandraliscae, also known as blue chalksticks. These plants are prized for their attractive, fleshy leaves and their ability to store water in their leaves and stems, making them well-suited to dry climates and growing conditions. 

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