Senecio rowleyanus

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Senecio rowleyanus Care Guide

Growing Season:


Dormant Season:


Common Name: 'String of Pearls' or 'String of Beads'

string of pearls senecio rowleyanus flowers

About Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus is most commonly known as ‘String of Pearls’ for its almost perfectly spherical leaves. It is dormant in the summer, but grows quickly when temperatures cool down in the fall and winter. 

The shape of its leaves maximize water content while minimizing surface exposure to light. For this reason, they can go for long periods without water. The most common problem people have with ‘String of Pearls’ is overwatering. Wait until the pearls lose their shine, start to look dull and shrink due to a lack of water. You’ll notice an indent in the pearls when it is time to water. 

Senecio rowleyanus ‘String of Pearls’ loves bright light, but not direct sunlight. Sun stress turns the pearls a purplish-brown color.  It usually blooms in the summer and when it does, be sure to smell the flowers. They smell like cinnamon! 

dehydrated string of pearls
Before watering. After watering.
senecio rowleyanus string of pearls trailing on a shelf in zone 10b san diego, ca
closeup of string of pearls

Where to buy Senecio rowleyanus

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variegated string of pearls
Variegatedvariegated A naturally occurring or viral induced mutation, which appears as stripes or whole sections of tissue that are without chlorophyll. Variegated varieties are often prized for the attractiveness of the markings caused by the mutation. String of Pearls
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