Portulacaria afra Bonsai Tree Care Guide

Portulacaria afra bonsai feature

Portulacaria afra bonsai, also known as ‘Dwarf Jade’, ‘Elephant Bush’, and ‘Lucky Money Tree’, is a captivating succulent belonging to the family Didiereaceae and the genus Portulacaria. This guide explores the fascinating world of Portulacaria afra bonsai cultivation and care, perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Natural Habitat Native to South Africa, Portulacaria afra … Read more

Alluaudia procera ‘Madagascan Ocotillo’

Alluaudia procera madagascan ocotillo feature

Welcome to the ultimate care guide for the Alluaudia procera, also known as the Madagascan Ocotillo. If you’re new to succulent care, having problems with your current plants, or just a succulent enthusiast, this article is for you. Let’s dive in! Introduction to Alluaudia procera Natural Habitat and Alternate Names The Alluaudia procera, commonly known … Read more