Crassula and Sedum: A Comprehensive Comparison of These 2 Genera

Crassula vs sedum

It can be hard to tell them apart at first glance. In this blog post, we’ll go over the key differences between Crassula and Sedum, as well as provide tips on how to care for each type. What is Crassula? Crassula is a large genus of succulent plants that is native to South Africa. These … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to 5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make with Succulents

5 common mistakes beginners make with succulents

Did you know that succulents can survive in some of the most inhospitable environments on Earth? These hardy plants are often thought of as nearly indestructible, but they can be surprisingly sensitive to certain conditions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the five most common mistakes that beginners make when caring for their succulents. Mistake … Read more