Succulent Soil: Ultimate Guide & 4 DIY Recipes to Keep Your Succulents Happy and Healthy

Guide to succulent soil with recipes

Proper succulent soil is a crucial aspect of succulent care and its composition can greatly impact the growth and health of your cherished plants. The “perfect” soil mix will vary from grower to grower, so my best advice overall is to experiment! In this post, we will discuss the ideal succulent soil composition, common soil … Read more

Pumice and Perlite: What are the key differences and benefits? A not so definitive guide.

Pumice and perlite comparison

Learn about the benefits of using pumice and perlite in succulent soil. Discover the key differences between the two soil amendments and find out which one is the best choice for drainage and aeration. Get tips on how to mix pumice and perlite into potting soil for optimal results.