Root Rot in Succulents: How to Identify and Treat the Problem

Root rot treatment prevention

Root rot is a common problem among succulent owners and can be a frustrating and difficult problem to fix. However, with the right treatment, it is possible to save your beloved plant before it’s too late. Identifying Root Rot in Succulents The first step in treating root rot is to identify the problem as early … Read more

Graptoveria ‘Opalina’: A Comprehensive Guide

Graptoveria opalina fp

Graptoveria opalina, also known as the “Opal Plant,” is a popular succulent that is known for its unique, colorful leaves. These plants are relatively easy to care for and make a great addition to any indoor or outdoor garden. In this guide, we’ll cover the essentials of Graptoveria opalina care, including watering, sunlight, soil, fertilizing, … Read more

Repotting Succulents: The Best Time to Repot Your Plants and 3 Ways to Tell When It’s Time

Guide to repotting succulents

In this blog post, we’ll go over repotting succulents and how to know when it is time. Succulents are generally low maintenance plants that don’t need to be repotted often, but repotting succulents can help keep them healthy and thriving. How Do You Know When To Repot A Succulent? Quick Tip: Wait until the succulent … Read more

Drainage Hole at the Bottom of The Pot: Do Succulents Need Them (YES!) and How to Easily Drill One Yourself

One common question among succulent hobbyists is whether or not their plants need a drainage hole at the bottom of their pot. The short answer is: YES! In general, it’s a good idea to provide a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot when growing succulents especially for those new to this hobby. This … Read more