Echeveria shaviana ‘Pink Frills’

Echeveria pink frills

Echeveria shaviana, commonly known as ‘Pink Frills’, is a beautiful succulent that is cherished by succulent enthusiasts for its unique appearance and relatively low maintenance requirements. In this comprehensive care guide, we will explore all aspects of caring for this stunning plant, from its physical characteristics to its preferred growing conditions, propagation methods, common problems, … Read more

14 Sweet Pink Succulents and Where to Buy Them for Valentine’s Day

14 pink succulents for valentines day

If you’re a fan of adding a pop of color to your succulent garden, then keep on scrolling. These gorgeous pink succulents not only brighten up your space, but they add a touch of femininity and sophistication to your space, whether it’s on your windowsill, desk, or garden bed. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent … Read more

Kalanchoe x houghtonii ‘Pink Butterflies’: The Ultimate Succulent Care Guide

Kalanchoe pink butterflies care guide

Kalanchoe x houghtonii ‘Pink Butterflies’, also known as the Pink Mother of Thousands, is a charming succulent renowned for its unique appearance and relatively easy care requirements. This comprehensive guide will delve into every aspect of caring for this fascinating plant, from the best kind of soil to use, to the most effective methods of … Read more

Echeveria chihuahuaensis: A Comprehensive Guide

Echeveria chihuahuaensis rosette succulent plant identification card and care guide

Echeveria chihuahuaensis is a stunning succulent plant that belongs to the Crassulaceae family. It’s native to the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico, hence its unique name. This guide will provide an in-depth look into the characteristics, cultivation, and care of this attractive plant. Description and Characteristics Foliage Echeveria chihuahuaensis has thick, fleshy leaves that form a … Read more

Echeveria Laui: A Comprehensive Guide

Echeveria laui care guide

Echeveria laui has become one of the most sought after succulents by collectors recently. It is not for the faint of heart or for anyone with a tendency to overwater. They are incredibly picky with their environment, but once you get it right they are so incredibly beautiful.