Dudleya: A Comprehensive Guide to Care and Conservation

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Dudleya are beautiful, drought-tolerant succulents native to the western United States and Mexico. With their stunning rosette shapes and unique colors, they are a favorite among gardeners and plant enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss Dudleya care, their native habitats, and the poaching issues these plants face. Native Habitats Dudleya Species Diversity There are over 40 species of … Read more

Dudleya Edulis: A Comprehensive Guide

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Dudleya edulis, also known as the Liveforever plant, is a unique and beautiful succulent that is native to California. These plants are known for their rosettes of thick, fleshy leaves and their ability to thrive in harsh, dry environments. If you’re interested in growing and maintaining Dudleya edulis plants, here are some tips to keep … Read more